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A Royal Roost

Today could not go by without saying something about The Wedding of the Century. Even though I’m not gaga over the royal couple, I will jump on the bandwagon for a quick second. (You gotta admit, they are kinda cute.) Wouldn’t it be fun to imagine what type of “thrones” Kate and Will would sit upon were that still the formal tradition? Here are my picks…..

I’d like to think (in my romantic imagination) that the newlyweds would sit, arms around each other, on the royal blue settee. Do you think the Queen would approve? Haha!

Anyways, Congrats William and Kate!

Chairs!                                                                                                                           Meesh

Row 1: (Hers) Royal Armchair White and (His) Royal Armchair Black, both by Modani. Row 2: (Hers) Union Jack Chair Traditional and (His) Union Jack Chair, both by Jane Hornsby. Row 3: (Theirs) Blue Armstrong Sofa by Lockwood Design on Etsy.

Happy Easter!

Luv Meesh

Naturally Dyed Easter Eggs

It’s been a very long time since I’ve dyed eggs for Easter, so I wasn’t too sure how this project was going to turn out. I also wanted to try something different. Instead of the usual food coloring technique, I made natural dyes from red cabbage and turmeric. It was super easy, as I followed these instructions from the Martha Stewart website. Don’t you just love the saturation of the colors? The teal color, created from the brown eggs in the red cabbage dye, is my favorite. The smell was not so nice though…boiled eggs, boiled cabbage…you get the idea. Oh yeah, and don’t use any towels or utensils that you don’t want bespeckled with purple and yellow. This stuff stains! Duh! to me!


Happy Earth Day!

Did you know today is Earth Day? Our Earth is a precious and fragile, living Being and we need to take better care of Her. So, today I am going to implement 3 new activities, no matter how small, that will help and protect the health of our planet. Here we go…

1. I will: Say no to plastic shopping bags.

One area I know I could improve upon is grocery shopping bags. Usually if I am just picking up a couple things I won’t use a bag, but when I’m doing a big grocery shop, I need to carry all those morsels of yummy goodness home somehow. I have many reusable bags, but I’m guilty of not always using them. They end up in my pantry, instead of back in the trunk of my car, awaiting the next grocery shop. From this day forward, I will vow to use those reusable bags! Unload the groceries, and before I do anything else… I will put the reusable bags back in my trunk where they belong so I have them when I need them!

2. I will: Replace all incandescent light bulbs with energy efficient ones.

Since we’ve just moved into a new place, I’m working on replacing all the builder’s bulbs. I’m a little slow, but I am working on it. Go to Home Depot today to get a few more…

3. I will: Buy local.

It’s unrealistic for me to say that I will buy everything local- I’m not doing the 100 Mile Diet- but local fruits and veggies are doable. I am blessed to live in a green belt that flourishes with fresh fruit and veggies in the summer and fall months. I will stock up on local produce and freeze what I can to reduce the amount of imports I buy in the winter. (I went to a creative dinner party last fall where all the meal’s ingredients were grown and produced within the local community from pumpkin soup and zucchini salad to lamb chops and then blackberries for dessert. Even the wine was local – it was pretty neat!)

Here are a few other places to stop by for more ideas:

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What will you do?

Make every day Earth Day!

Luv Meesh (and Gigi the Sock Monkey)

Cobistyle: A Dose of Happy

Hello Sunshine!

The weather forecast for today -rain- does not have me down because this morning my inbox delivered the clubcobi newsletter. Bursting with bright, vibrant and sunny color I just had to share cobistyle with you.

Have you seen cobistyle yet? It is a new collection of accessories, furniture, drapery and fabric created by former House and Home Magazine editor, Cobi Ladner. And it is a prescription for happy! (I know….happiness comes from within, but a gorgeous teal chair doesn’t hurt!) Cobi’s entire collection is full of vibrant hues with a global vibe, like a bowl of tropical fruit and a cup of jasmine tea.

Photo Credit: Virginia MacDonald Photography

Photo Credit: Virginia MacDonald Photography

Photo Credit: Virginia MacDonald Photography

Want a little pretty in your space? These lovelies are available at select retailers across Canada. You know I’m crazy about color so I’ll be keeping an eye out!

Have a great Monday!


PS. There was a feature and interview on cobistyle in the April ’11 edition of Style at Home Magazine. I cannot find my copy anywhere. It must have been a good one…I think my mail lady swiped it! Lucky for me, there’s a link to the article here.