Oh, Suzani!

What the heck is Suzani? Well, let’s go on a little trip and I’ll show you. Close your eyes…Imagine yourself browsing an open air bazaar in Uzbekistan. Yes…Uzbekistan. The energetic banter of bargainers is a constant background buzz. It’s hot and a little crowded. The scent of cardamom and cloves is in the air. You are surrounded by elaborate textiles, hand embroidered in silk. You reach out and caress the richly textured colourful threads. So beautifully detailed. Is it a wall hanging, a bed cover or just fabulous fabric? It’s all of those…it is Suzani! A traditional “dowry” item and Central Asian art form, originating in countries like Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan, the word Suzani actually means “needlework”.

We’ve been seeing this trend around for a while now. Interest in this ancient craft has grown since the early 90’s as East met West with the fall of the Iron Curtain. These chairs are upholstered in traditional Suzani and Suzani print fabrics. So Fabulous!

Suzani’s bold graphic pattern compliments a world traveller, ethnic or boho vibe. One of these gals would inject a ton of life to any room! How do you feel about these Suzani chairs? Just right or too much?

From the top: Suzani Print Bath Button Back Armchair from Graham and Green / Suzani Detail photographed by Victoria Pearson via House Beautiful / French Style Armchair upholstered in a Suzani Pattern by gypsybeggs via Etsy / Robert Kime Chair photographed by Victoria Pearson in Kathy Ireland’s Ojai Home via House Beautiful / Suzani Print chair from abc home via Pinterest.


Meesh xo

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  1. These are fabulous Meesh!! I think the Bath Button Back Armchair and Ottoman would be a great addition to my family room… :)

  2. Lou Ann bullock

    I would love the phone number for fabrics.

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