Painted Pumpkins

Does your supermarket carry white pumpkins? Mine doesn’t, nor do any other markets around my neighbourhood, so I decide I’d grow paint my own. Just think of the possibilities!

I wanted something with a bit of a Goth Glam look. Pretty enough for Thanksgiving and if you add a few cobwebs, spooky enough for Halloween.

First, I painted the pumpkins with white acrylic paint. Then, drew swirly designs with metallic paint pens and dimensional fabric paint in gold, silver, black and turquoise. The fleur de lis and other gems are stickers from the scrap booking section at Michaels. On the large pumpkin I scraped away some of the white paint to reveal the pumpkin skin underneath. (That was messy, so I only did it on the big one.) How easy was that! Looks pretty cool too!

Inspired by Alisa Burke.

Meesh xo

14 Responses to Painted Pumpkins

  1. Oh Meesh. love what you did to them! You are just so talented. I can’t believe you don’t have white ones around. Love that creative spirit!

    • I was just in Arizona, and there were all different colours of pumpkins and gourds….maybe if I make my way to a pumpkin patch! Glad you liked them! :)

  2. These are fantastic Meesh! Indeed, you are so very creative. :)

  3. Such amazing art! Love it Michelle!

  4. These pumpkins are stunning, Meesh. I love them sitting on that fence. Such an unexpected juxtaposition. You’ve got serious talent, girl! Hugs.

  5. I love them. I have one word, okay two words. Patience and Creative.

    They turned out really great.


  6. They look amazing! Great work, girl.

  7. These are stunning! Too late for me for Thanksgiving, but still a potential for Halloween :-)
    Love the collection in the urn – what a great display!

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  9. These are absolutely amazing. I just did a post featuring these in my no-carve pumpkins. I love the beauty of your designs.

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