Operation Paperwhites

After telling you the other day how I have a brown thumb, I decided I would give growing something another shot and see if things had changed. Enter Operation Paperwhites. Seems pretty easy. Plunk bulbs in a little water. No dirt required. Should see some flowers in about 4-6 weeks. Provided I don’t kill them.

That little guy above looks like a duck, don’tcha think? I’m assuming the emerging shoots will start pointing skyward as soon as they are set upright. Every one of these little bulbs has a messed up sense of direction. Life in a dirty garden bin will do that to you, I guess.

I’m a little nervous of the plants becoming top heavy and falling over once they have grown straight and tall with a beautiful burst of white flowers on top. (See, I’m staying positive.) I might need to add more glass beads to hold ‘em up. We shall see…

Here is a beach glass snowflake for you! Whoops, got a little side tracked…

Our ducky-look-a-like gets anchored in a bed of beach glass. Grow little roots! Grow! I might be a week or so late in starting Operation Paperwhites, but if I’m lucky I will have some pretty little white blooms between Christmas and New Years. I’m following the directions here from the bh&g people.

Hope your week is off to a great start!

Meesh xo

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  1. Every year I mean to grow some and then forget! I have some bulbs in a bags – sheesh!

    Love your photos Michelle, you have a real knack with the camera!

  2. Beautiful pics! I want to do this too!! Oh, and your beach glass snowflake is gorgeous! I’d buy one if you made some for realz! ;) The colours are perfect!

    • I wish I could remember where I bought this “beach” glass…it’s more like manufactured beach glass, but the shapes and colors were perfect for this impromptu snowflake! Yes, I see a future project in the making… :)

  3. Seriously??? That’s all you do??? I am off to buy some paper whites today and get them going. I’m so glad you posted about this. Good luck!

  4. I’ve never grown paper whites! But you make it look very tempting. Maybe I’ll head off and join the crew, too! Good luck with yours :-)

  5. Rachelle MacDonald

    I think i want to grow some of those!

  6. I planted my amaryllis bulb a few weeks ago and it’s already a foot tall. I had to stake it with some twigs to keep it from falling over. Your paper whites shouldn’t get that tall. Thanks for stopping by my blog today. I really appreciate it!

  7. Oh Meesh, I can’t wait to see your little guys grow, grow, grow. I’ve always wanted to grow bulbs at Christmas time and never seem to think about it in time. Thanks for the reminder, what I might do is put it on the calendar on my phone for next year. Please show us the finished product ….. go little duck go!!!

  8. I know the paperwhites will look just fabulous!! love the snowflake it’s so pretty!
    Your photography is beautiful as always Meesh, you have great style :)

  9. Wow that looks amazing! Such a neat idea!

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