Design Hook Up: Ice Cube and The Eames

The Eames: “They was doin’ mashups before mashups even existed.” – Ice Cube

I betcha didn’t know that Ice Cube was a fan of mid-century modern design, did ya? Or that he studied architectural drafting? Well, I didn’t either until I saw this video on Pacific Standard Time. Cruising Charles and Ray Eames’ L.A. home, Case Study No.8, Ice Cube shares how he’s inspired by the iconic designers and their legendary work. You can really feel his excitement. Love it! I can see a design quote fest coming from this short video. Watch it, you’ll see. Unpretentious and Awesome!

This one’s going on my Bucket List. Visit The Eames House.

Meesh xo

3 Responses to Design Hook Up: Ice Cube and The Eames

  1. Love this!! Learn something new everyday :)

  2. Oh how I love that clip!! When I was in LA, we went to go see a show that featured some of the eames’ pieces. I shall post in the future. Good find, I had no idea about Ice Cube, I like him more now.

  3. Yup, I’ve got a crush on the Eames I just can’t get over… and Ice Cube now too! How’d that happen?

    So, when we goin’ to visit the Eames House?

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