Rubee Tuesday

Hi Friends! Did y’all miss Rubee last week? She sure missed you!

I was off gallivanting with my sis in LA, so Rubes was hanging with the man, goin’ to work in the pickup truck, chillin’ in the man cave and sleeping on my side of the bed. She may have even been more spoiled than usual…if that’s even possible!

Have a Rubee Tuesday!

Luv Meesh and Rubes xo

8 Responses to Rubee Tuesday

  1. Meesh, this is awesome. LOL. I truly LOVE this post!! :)

  2. Tracey Ayton Photography

    Rubee never ceases to make me giggle. Have you let everyone know where you went yet?

  3. Hope you had a great trip, Meesh. Poor Rubes… first the ears and now this! I hope her treats were the t-bone of t-bone treats… oh, and did that Eames lounger for her fit in your luggage, by chance? ;-)

  4. I don’t think Rubes has too much to complain about. Her life is pretty good with or without that shirt ;)

  5. I love her face, it tells it all, doesn’t it?
    Meesh, I have a pic for you, hope, you’ll enjoy.
    Hugs Gosia

  6. Awww. Too cute! (p.s. I can’t wait to hear about your trip.)

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