Chair, Deconstructed

I’m sure you’ve seen them. Hanging around in their underwear. Half naked frame. Nail heads all exposed. You know what I’m talking about…the deconstructed chair.

Restoration Hardware’s Deconstructed Upholstery Collection is shown above. Clearly they are reproductions, but still soooo expensive.

I’m not an antiques expert, but these deconstructed chairs above from Eloquence Inc. look to me like the real thing. Authenticity in this case lends credibility to the style. History and charm is there. (via la Brocanteuse)

I don’t mind the look in the right setting. A shabby cottage…a french chateaux. It’s just okay for me and not a lasting look in my books. I say, put your velvet back on! And until then…Don’t look Ethel!

What do you think? Likey or no likey?


Luv Meesh xo

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  1. I’m a no likey… not really loving this look. I agree with you, maybe in the right setting, but I think Ethel needs to keep her eyes covered, too!

  2. This is crazy, I was literally just about to do a post on this line of furniture! So glad to hear how others feel about these. I am torn. As an upholsterer, I can appreciate the work that goes into the chair even to just get it to this point and I do like the raw look of them in the right space. But at the same time I think it looks like someone was lazy and didn’t complete the job. And the price is ludacris…the chairs are >$1000! And it does frustrate me that a good upholsterer can rarely get that much for actually completely reupholstering a chair, yet they will charge this much for half a job. Again, so glad you posted about these, great topic!

  3. Sarah MacMillan

    I don’t like them. The first ones from Restoration Hardware are OK, but the others just look way too old and worn (and dirty). Why would I want to sit in something like that?

  4. I like the first set of chairs, but hte last few are not my style at all. I prefer more modern designs, the first still are very nice, though.

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