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Happy Friday!

I miss these guys already, don’t you? Peonies…I mean. They are my favourite, but their time is pretty much up for this year. Did you know that the peony is a symbol of wealth, luck and happiness? I love that flowers have symbolism and meaning; a language of their own.

Wishing you a wealth of sunshine and happiness this weekend! Here in Canada it’s a long weekend, so I bet many of you will be celebrating Canada Day enjoying barbeques, maybe doing some camping or taking off on road trips. We will be mostly hanging around home, keeping it low key. What are you getting up to? Any weekend adventures?

Have a Happy Friday!

Luv Meesh xo

Rubee Tuesday

Have a Rubee Tuesday! Woof!

Luv Rubes!

The Notebooks.

I am a list maker and note taker. I have multiple note pads and stickies scattered all over…filled with scribbles and doodles, lists and likes, to do’s and to check out’s. I recently noticed that my scribblings have evolved from the list to the notebook.

A moleskine notebook is never out of reach. It hangs out on my desk at home and in my purse when I’m out and about. Inspiration and ideas could strike at any moment. {and these days, I need to be ready} It’s a catch all ideas notebook and a useful resource.

I think this notebook gave birth to the others. They are taking over my desk.

These adorable pale green and orange notebooks (above) were purchased at Chapters for two bucks a piece! I’m calling them my Paris notebooks. One is for travel planning….things to pack, things to do, places to visit. In the other books, I *hope* to scribble notes, discoveries and adventures from each area we visit in France this sumer. Good intentions, right?

I have a notebook for quotes and a notebook for photo notes.

Are you a list maker and note taker? Scribbler or doodler?

Have a happy day!

Luv Meesh xo

Sometimes the smallest gesture…

…can mean so much.

The other day I received this very cool postcard via snail mail from my talented sister-in-law, Lesa. It made my day! Thank you, Lesa!

As some of you know, my guy and I are embarking on an adventure to France this summer. Lesa and her hubs will be our travel companions. I have never ventured across the pond, but our “tour guides” have been to Europe numerous times and they are thrilled to share it with us. So excited!

I have taped Lesa’s creation to my wall and I am counting down the sleeps until I can set foot on the Champs-Elysées.

Oh, this little gift via mail has made me SO excited! I was already…but…Eeeee! It’s getting closer! I think Lesa is right. I’m pretty sure I will fall in love with Paris. (Just wait ’til you see the Paris apartment we rented!)

If anyone has any recommendations of Paris shops, restaurants, sights not to miss, etc. let me know! I have started a list.

Arc de Triomphe photo and postcard created by Lesa Mollinga.

Happy Friday!

Luv Meesh xo

Who’s Yo’ Daddy?

Happy Father’s Day to all the fantabulous Daddios out there… past, present and future! Today, I want to introduce you to a few furniture fathers that although you may not immediately recognize their names, you will recognize their designs. Please meet the fathers of these amazing chairs!

Images from the top: Kubus Armchair made by Wittmann / T-Back Lounge Chair made by Thayer Coggin via DWR / 654W Lounge Chair by Knoll / Flight Recliner in collaboration with Nicholas Dodziuk  for DWR / Grand Repos manufactured by Vitra.

And to my Dad…who loved a comfy *black* leather recliner…miss you much and think of you everyday!


Luv Meesh xo