Last week I had bamboo, rattan and wicker on the brain and on Friday I popped into my local Sally Ann to be greeted by this gorgeous serving stand at the door!

She’s bamboo and rattan and in really great shape, so I’m going to live with her as is for now. She’ll probably end up painted white by the end of the summer. What do you think…leave au natural or paint? Oh, did I mention her top serving tray is removable! Bonus!

Now to dress her up for a party! (I know it’s only Monday, but let’s hope the week goes by quickly!) Inspiration below…

From the top: 1. Meesh’s iPhone / 2. The Doctor’s Closet featured on  The Glitter Guide / 3. Society Social / 4. Society Social.

Have a great day!

Luv Meesh xo

8 Responses to Service!

  1. Tracey Ayton Photography

    Don’t ya just love the Sally Ann? I also adore your serving stand ……. I would probably paint it but that’s just me. What color are you thinking?

    • I will most likely paint it white, but I am going to enjoy it as is for a bit first. Also thinking a bright colour, like tangerine would be fun! Ah, the possibilities…

  2. I would paint it too. I would paint it blue, but that is me….lucky find!

  3. You lucky girl! I’ve been looking for something like that. If you get tired of it, just give me a ring ;) Love it. I quite like it plain, but I’d probably end up painting it black.

  4. Great find! I would paint it, and you know me, probs glossy black! ;-) I feel like I just saw this piece somewhere – talk about deja vu!!!

  5. Very snazzy, Meesh! I vote for the white paint. I love how airy rattan gets when licked with white paint… so fitting for the summer. Remember to post an ‘after’ photo.

  6. Darling! I’d live with it awhile (sounds like that’s your plan). Don’t you just love when you stumble onto finds like this?

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