Who’s Yo’ Daddy?

Happy Father’s Day to all the fantabulous Daddios out there… past, present and future! Today, I want to introduce you to a few furniture fathers that although you may not immediately recognize their names, you will recognize their designs. Please meet the fathers of these amazing chairs!

Images from the top: Kubus Armchair made by Wittmann / T-Back Lounge Chair made by Thayer Coggin via DWR / 654W Lounge Chair by Knoll / Flight Recliner in collaboration with Nicholas Dodziuk  for DWR / Grand Repos manufactured by Vitra.

And to my Dad…who loved a comfy *black* leather recliner…miss you much and think of you everyday!


Luv Meesh xo

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  1. Tracey Ayton Photography

    This is a good thing now, I know who made these chairs. Why have I never heard of these guys? I might have heard of Jens…..

  2. Awesome!! I never even take the time to think about the designers of chairs. LOVE this and all of those awesome chair designs :)

  3. What a great post, Meesh! Yo’, my friend, are so funny! I hope you enjoyed your weekend…

  4. Lol! Loved this post! I’ve loved the Kubus armchair for as long as I can remember! Could it be any cooler?

  5. what a wonderful entry…you are sooo creative!
    Wheres Rubeeeeee tuesday?

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