Sometimes the smallest gesture…

…can mean so much.

The other day I received this very cool postcard via snail mail from my talented sister-in-law, Lesa. It made my day! Thank you, Lesa!

As some of you know, my guy and I are embarking on an adventure to France this summer. Lesa and her hubs will be our travel companions. I have never ventured across the pond, but our “tour guides” have been to Europe numerous times and they are thrilled to share it with us. So excited!

I have taped Lesa’s creation to my wall and I am counting down the sleeps until I can set foot on the Champs-ElysΓ©es.

Oh, this little gift via mail has made me SO excited! I was already…but…Eeeee! It’s getting closer! I think Lesa is right. I’m pretty sure I will fall in love with Paris. (Just wait ’til you see the Paris apartment we rented!)

If anyone has any recommendations of Paris shops, restaurants, sights not to miss, etc. let me know! I have started a list.

Arc de Triomphe photo and postcard created by Lesa Mollinga.

Happy Friday!

Luv Meesh xo

4 Responses to Sometimes the smallest gesture…

  1. I love snail mail too. Postcards are the best. I’ve been across the pond, but not to Paris. I’m sure you’ll have a fantastic time, you lucky girl!

  2. Tracey Ayton Photography

    Ooooooh when are you going? I’ll be there in September ……. I just love how you’ve taped that beautiful card up on the wall. Hope you have a nice weekend Meesh!

  3. All I can recommend is that you soak it all in! Soak it up, drink it in, and don’t let a moment pass you by!!! So happy for you :-)

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