The Notebooks.

I am a list maker and note taker. I have multiple note pads and stickies scattered all over…filled with scribbles and doodles, lists and likes, to do’s and to check out’s. I recently noticed that my scribblings have evolved from the list to the notebook.

A moleskine notebook is never out of reach. It hangs out on my desk at home and in my purse when I’m out and about. Inspiration and ideas could strike at any moment. {and these days, I need to be ready} It’s a catch all ideas notebook and a useful resource.

I think this notebook gave birth to the others. They are taking over my desk.

These adorable pale green and orange notebooks (above) were purchased at Chapters for two bucks a piece! I’m calling them my Paris notebooks. One is for travel planning….things to pack, things to do, places to visit. In the other books, I *hope* to scribble notes, discoveries and adventures from each area we visit in France this sumer. Good intentions, right?

I have a notebook for quotes and a notebook for photo notes.

Are you a list maker and note taker? Scribbler or doodler?

Have a happy day!

Luv Meesh xo

8 Responses to The Notebooks.

  1. I’m definitely a list maker! I just bought a Smash notebook that came with washi tape, little pockets, etc… can’t wait to break it in!

  2. I wish I could make lists like that. I just have paper all over the place. What they’re doing, sometimes I don’t even know.

  3. Sheesh, I wish I was as organized as you. I am also a list maker but it’s usually pieces of paper scattered throughout the house and my purse.

  4. I have a Moleskine, too! My hubs uses one in his practice, and got me onto the whole program. I opted for a purse-size one so that I don’t leave home without it! The best feeling is being able to check something off the list in it!

  5. Lists… I have them on the fridge, on the laundry room door so “I don’t forget…” lists tucked in my purse… mental lists… I admire how organized you are!

  6. Here’s my situation ……. I am a note taker BIG TIME. My thing is that I will start a list, get some things done cross them off but find myself constantly transferring the same old stuff onto new lists because I simply don’t get those “pesky” jobs done. Will I ever finish just one list? Ever? Love the mole skin.

  7. I definitely need one of those! I am one of those gals as well that needs to write things down and make a list or I go crazy! Thanks for the great post!

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