Happy Friday!

I miss these guys already, don’t you? Peonies…I mean. They are my favourite, but their time is pretty much up for this year. Did you know that the peony is a symbol of wealth, luck and happiness? I love that flowers have symbolism and meaning; a language of their own.

Wishing you a wealth of sunshine and happiness this weekend! Here in Canada it’s a long weekend, so I bet many of you will be celebrating Canada Day enjoying barbeques, maybe doing some camping or taking off on road trips. We will be mostly hanging around home, keeping it low key. What are you getting up to? Any weekend adventures?

Have a Happy Friday!

Luv Meesh xo

4 Responses to Happy Friday!

  1. Beautiful flowers! I’ll set them up as my desktop image today because when I look outside all I see is green and grey; no sun and flowers! See you tomorrow!!

  2. Happy Friday Meesh!!
    We cut all the buds off our peony last week because otherwise they were going to get wrecked by the yard work we were doing… so now I have fresh peonies about to bud inside!! :)

  3. Tracey Ayton Photography

    I know, I will miss the peonies too as it is my favorite fleur. Hubs is out of town so I am flying solo this weekend. Lots of editing to do but looking forward to seeing you guys tomorrow. Have a fabulous weekend! Give Rubee a pet for me.

  4. Love peonies, and the deep, deep wine coloured ones are my favorite – they remind me of when I was really young as we had one in the front garden as you came up the walkway… Happy Canada Day, Meesh :-)

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