Rubee Tuesday

Have a {Lazy} Rubee Tuesday!

Photos taken with Meesh’s iPhone and edited in instagram and pixlromatic.

Luv Rubes! Woof!


8 Responses to Rubee Tuesday

  1. gotta have a Rubee Tuesday to start my day…:)

  2. Sooooooooo adorable as always. What’s pixlromantic??

  3. Cute cute CUTE!!!

  4. Rubee tuesdays are always something to look forward to. I love her! I have to meet her in person one of these days. Love the “do not disturb” shot!!

  5. Dogs really do have the best life ever don’t they? Willis goes from one actual or homemade bed to another all day and night.

  6. Your Rubee really lives the life, doesn’t she? ;-)

  7. Precious baby. Somebody gets lots of love!

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