A Tasty Treat

Do pistachio macarons qualify as French food? Oui ou non? I’m just warming up my tastebuds…{and my poor French.}  :)

Á bientôt.

Meesh xo

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  1. Sugar Patisserie has the BEST and they are just in cloverdale….pistachio is my fav…better get some to warm up!

  2. Ah, oui! Le petit vert gateau est tres, tres delicieux! Non?

  3. Darn right they do. You MUST visit Laduree for macarons when you’re in Paris. It’s an institution! J’espere que tu as une tres bien vacance Meesh!!

  4. Tracey Ayton Photography

    Good for you!!! Gosh, I haven’t even started to learn my french …… I don’t even know the basics!!! Sure hi and goodbye but I dropped out of french class ……. don’t judge me. :-)

  5. Thomas Haas in Vancouver have mouth watering pistachio macarons! I just love them :)

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