Just Hangin’

It was a scorcher this weekend! I’m not complaining. I love the heat and we’ve been waiting forever for summer to arrive. After a fun filled day at the beach yesterday, it would have been divine to spend the warm evening just relaxing in a hanging chair with a book and a cool iced tea. If only I had a place to hang one.

Can we rewind a few days to the weekend again?

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Luv Meesh xo

6 Responses to Just Hangin’

  1. I love love love these chairs!!!!!! We had one growing up…we laughed at it in the 80’s and 90’s and now I wish we had it back!

  2. I already tried to rewind it. Didn’t work. Love, love, love these chairs!!!

  3. I hung out at a bike race on the weekend :) But am looking forward to MORE sun!

  4. I too want a hammock!!! I think I’m still in weekend mode as I’m dragging my feet to get going today. Gosh, it’s already 12:25 and I haven’t even left the house. Have a wonderful week Meesh.

  5. What I wouldn’t give for one of these beauties! I’m loving the heat, and had some fun in the sun this weekend… and I haven’t kicked into week mode yet! Eeek!

  6. I know, it’s almost sacrilegious to say ‘scorcher’ in the Canuck English without waiting to do penance with nothing, but the rain to look at, but it was hot and we all loved it, didn’t we? Equally loved are these hanging chairs, of course. Getting ready for “les vacances fantastiques?”… did I sound a tad envious? Mais, Non!

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