Rubee Tuesday

Have a Rubee Tuesday!

Luv Rubes! Woof!

9 Responses to Rubee Tuesday

  1. LOVE…needed a smile, and nothing makes my day more than Rubee (and a bully)

  2. Awesome to see Rubee and Rogie having so much fun together! Love Rubee Tuesdays!

  3. Tracey Ayton Photography

    OMG hilarious!!! Would love to see what Griffin would do in that mix!

  4. They make a very cute couple!

  5. I love your Rubee Tuesday posts! That little Rubes, always makes me smile :-) :-) :-) Have a great day, Meesh!

  6. hahah…great looking couple of friends!

  7. Okay, I’m back! I just had to share this post with my fams, and they LOVED it!!! Hubs is killing himself and daughter is saying, aaawwwwweeeee, they’re so cute! Have a great weekend, Meesh! :-)

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