Rubee Tuesday

Have a Rubee Tuesday! Woof!

Love Rubes xo

8 Responses to Rubee Tuesday

  1. Yay Rubee tuesday is back!

  2. Yeah! Love Rubee Tuesdays! Rubee looks adorable in her Parisian scarf :)

  3. He looks like he’s enjoy caviar too ;) Have a happy Tuesday!

  4. Tracey Ayton Photography

    Thanks for the reminder, gotta bring Griffy back some.

  5. Tracey Ayton Photography

    Ooh and I just noticed the adorable collar!!!

  6. Oh, so Parisian our Rubes is! Notice how Rubee has become ‘ours’? That’s right, we missed you Mlle Rubee! So glad you’re back :-)

  7. Well I hope Willis never sees this. He is wearing a diy scarf my husband made from a sleeve of my son’s shirt. Rubee is like a movie star with her fancy gear!

  8. I’ve missed the Rubee Tuesdays.

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