Rubee Tuesday

Have a Rubee Tuesday!

Luv Rubes! Woof!

PS. Photos taken on Meesh’s iPhone with Pocketbooth App.

8 Responses to Rubee Tuesday

  1. I love the last picture Meesh – and how you capture Rubee’s personality in them all! I am going to have to give Pocketbooth a try…thanks for the discovery :) Thanks for another Rubee Tuesday and enjoy your day!

  2. Oh my goodness that dog is cute, it’s so neat to see how much you really enjoy her!

  3. OMG! Rubee is so cute, and you’re just plain bad! One of these days Rubes is going to turn the tables on you… And guess who’ll be saying ‘Uncle’ then? ;-) Another great Meesh & Rubes moment! Love it!!!

  4. Shut the front door!!!!! Too cute!

  5. This makes me laugh. It’s like you actually hear her talking.

  6. she is very beautiful.

  7. Well, Rubee really gets herself crammed into that little bed doesn’t she? As always, the height of cutieness!!

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