IKEA Holiday Food and Decoration Collection

I’m one of those early Christmas decorators. As soon as November 1st hits…out go the pumpkins and in comes the Christmas tree. (Part of the reason I have a fake one…) I’m already thinking about Christmas decorations, gifts and the sumptuous feasts to come.

This past week I had the pleasure of attending a Holiday Tea at the new IKEA store in Richmond. A few of my blogger pals and I snacked on traditional Swedish nibbles from saffron buns to ‘pepparkakor’ (gingerbread), sipped tea and GlΓΆgg (non-alchoholic mulled wine) and chatted while surrounded by this years gorgeous holiday decoration collection.

I’ve never really looked at the food in IKEA’s Swedish Food Market before, but after this feast, I will definitely be picking up a few items. Swedish cheese, yes please! Many of these items are only available around the holidays, so you won’t want to miss them.

I really love how Ikea keeps their holiday decorations simple in traditional Christmas colours and their distinct Scandinavian style.

Of course my new favourite at IKEA was in attendance. The Strandmon Chair. I just wish I had a bigger space. Wouldn’t a library be fabulous?!? I’d include one or two of these handsome gents and sit by the fire until Santa showed up on Christmas Eve. ;)

I walked out buying more than an armload of decorations. Paper tree garland, little house string lights and white lanterns were just a few things I couldn’t resist. You can see the full holiday collection on the IKEA website, but you better hurry…this stuff is going fast!


Luv Meesh xo



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  1. I am liking those stars that light up..and the little grey knit heart….getting excited for Christmas, I will have to make a trek down to Ikea before it is all gone – thanks for a great post Meesh – enjoy your long weekend :)

  2. Cute tree decorations! I guess I never think of IKEA for Christmas decorations – I’m going to have to explore!

  3. Tracey Ayton Photography

    It was really good seeing you there Meesh and can’t wait to hang out with you again on Thursday. I was kinda expecting you to pick up one of those chairs and toss it in your wacky cart. Too fun!

  4. I am sad I missed out…..wish they did it in the evening. Can’t wait to hang out next Thursday. Hey, I work near your place {I think} care to car pool downtown?

  5. loving that chair! I wonder if it will quickly be out of stock, and how many people feel the same way? I’m starting the decorating early, watching to see who stocks the first tree to buy. May have to go cut one myself ;)

  6. I have never seen that nice food at IKEA – it looks soo good! Was this just a Christmas thing?

    • Yes, this is IKEA’s holiday food collection. It is in their Swedish Food Market just before the Christmas season. I think they bring it in about November…some items are available year round. You should have a look next time you are at IKEA. The food market its just past the check-outs. :) Thanks for stopping by.

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