Chair-stagram: Big Spender vs. Thrifty Chic

I’ve always been torn over the authentic designer vs. knock-off debate when it comes to furniture. I’m not going to delve into either side of the issue here. It is a pretty heated topic if you search it out. My current reality however, only affords me the lesser of the two. As in my recent purchase for the low price of $79.

I’ve noticed a few designer style knock-offs recently at London Drugs. Yes, I said London Drugs…Β Most of them are really, really, really bad and I’m sure the quality is equally nasty. But this faux Louis Ghost Chair surprised me enough that I bought one. (I’m sorry Philippe…one day I will be able to afford you and I will replace my fake with the real deal.) For now, I’m enjoying how visually light and airy my new chair is in my living room. I just won’t put it in direct sunlight! ;)

Images: Louis Ghost Chair designed by Philippe Stark, made by Kartell. / Faux Ghost Chair, my iPhone photo via instagram.


Meesh xo

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  1. No reason to feel bad, I absolutely adore it. Nice seeing you on Saturday!!!

  2. I hear you on the ‘inspired’ vs. real meal deal, but I’m all over it. I think everyone should be able to enjoy a piece they love, so having inspired pieces as an option is a good thing. It’s kind of like DIYing without the DIY piece! And, yes London Drugs! That’s where I got my MCM inspired chair from that was in my last post! Enjoy your new ghost chair, Meesh

    • I love how you call them “inspired” pieces. It looks like you scored at LD as well. Love your MCM inspired chair, Sheila!

  3. If it looks great and feels great then I think go for it. If money wasn’t and object then it would be nice to buy designer all the time, but alas for most of us that is not the case! And the chair you got looks awesome – enjoy it :)

  4. Terrific purchase! I see the value of purchasing key quality pieces for a home, then saving a bit of money by buying those smaller or pull-it-together items that could be pulled when the style of a room changes. Of course sometimes the low-price piece could be a key item… and a keeper like this chair :-)
    So good to see you on Saturday!

    • Yes, it’s definitely a keeper! Wonderful getting together with you as well. We need to go for pancakes again in the new year.

  5. Well we’d all opt for the real thing but since it’s not possible then let’s just be happy with our knockoffs. Design for the people!

  6. I just saw these at LD today! Thought of you and this post :)

  7. Hi there,

    You mentioned that you won’t put this chair in the sunlight. Why is that? Also, how has it held up over the past two years?


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