Tech Talk: Design Museum Collection App

Hey Friends!

I discovered a groovy little iPad app over the weekend. The Design Museum Collection App highlights 59 objects from London Design Museum’s upcoming exhibition, Extrordinary Stories about Ordinary Things (Jan. 2013). Through audio, video, text and photos, you can explore iconic design that has shaped our modern world from Vespa scooters to Dyson vacuums. Search the collection by designer, era, manufacturer and more. As you can see below, I’m slightly fixated on the chairs.

Best of all, it’s free! Download it here from the App Store. (Also in development for iPhone and Android.)

Animation above photographed and created by me.


Luv Meesh xo

PS. I’ve been having a hard time getting my blogging mojo going over the past couple weeks! I thought I would come back from Hawaii refreshed and chock full of creative energy and ideas, but nada… So please bare with me, while I bust out of this rut.

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  1. Thanks for the tip – and I hear you on the blogging rut, I feel the exact same way! (nice to know I am not alone! – I feel a little discouraged about the whole thing really) but I always enjoy your posts, so don’t be hard on yourself :)

  2. Very cool and I love your animation. Take your time and relax. Ease your way back to blogging whenever you feel like it.

  3. Great animation, and once the app is ready to go for the iPhone and Android, I’ll be all over it! Thanks for the introduction :-) Don’t worry about the blogging mojo – it’ll come back. I was feeling the same. My thrifting outing last week helped re-energize me, but for how long, who knows? Give your little Rubee cutie a hello from me! ;-)

  4. Your posts are always awesome – and so original! Love this little animation! O to check out that exhibition in person – one can dream!

  5. Tracey Ayton Photography

    That is so cool. I think January is a crappy month and most people are feeling “uninspired” but that is why I like your blog …….. YOU INSPIRE ME!!!! Keep up the good work.

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