Rubee Tuesday

Have a Rubee Tuesday!

Luv Rubes! Woof!


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  1. Tracey Ayton Photography

    Awww this is one of my favorites. Thanks Meesh.

  2. Victoria @ The FAT Paint Company

    Ahhh poor Rubee!! Love this Meesh :-)

  3. :) :) :) I always look forward to Rubee’s tuesday adventure!

  4. Too cute! I love Rubee Tuesdays!

  5. Love Rubee Tuesdays! Thanks Meesh and Rubes! :)

  6. Serioulsy… when is the calendar coming out?

  7. bahahaha – could Ruby be any cuter (or cleaner). Love this!

  8. Awesome! How on earth did you capture that sad little face in photo #2? I love the 3rd shot, too! Actually, they’re all great. Yup, love your Rubee Tuesdays :-)

  9. Oh my….this dog keeps getting cuter and cuter! Love the shot of him wrapped up in a towel. So sweet.

  10. cutie pattoootie doggie. heeee :””””>
    visit my blog too dear?

    Rae \(^o^)/
    Raellarina – The Ballerina on Fire

  11. Definitely my favorite. You can totally tell what Rubee is thinking. It’s hilarious!

  12. Aw, that was so gosh-darned cute – thanks!

  13. Willis stinks too. Can I bring him over for a bath?

  14. Dogs rule, cats drool. Woof!

  15. Ohmygosh she is adorbs!! Slightly obsessed :)

  16. Just hilarious and cute! And those!

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