Ok…it may only be one little page in a 200 page book, but I’m pretty darn tickled!

On a whim, about a year ago, I submitted a photo for a book by Chronicle Books called This Is Happening, #Life Through the Lens of Instagram. The carousel photo was one that I took on my iPhone last summer in France. If you look, it’s there…waaaay back in my instagram feed…..Months and months past and I’d actually forgotten about the project, figuring I hadn’t made the cut, until THIS was delivered to my door! Lucky Page 13!


How cool is that?!?

Here’s an excerpt from the front cover of the book:

“Ever get that this-is-happening feeling? The one when you notice something so beautiful, strange, or wonderful that you can’t quite believe you get to capture it?

We asked Instagram users everywhere to share that feeling with us, and this book was the answer: ice cream and graffiti, funny-shaped clouds and days at the beach, sheep in the road and raindrops on the window.

Featuring nearly 200 photos, This Is Happeningย is the first-ever crowd-sourced book of images shot by and for Instagram users. This is a slice of life seen through the moments that give us pause, make us smile and fill us with wonder.”

I still loooove Instagram. If I’m not here, you’ll find me there, almost every day. I’m officially addicted.

If you love this carousel print, it is available for purchase here in my Etsy shop. Yup, I’ve got an ย Etsy shop! ;)


Have a great one!

Love Meesh


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  1. Well done! That’s such a beautiful image. Congratulations Meesh!

  2. Congratulations – I love the concept.

  3. Tracey Ayton Photography

    Woooo hooooo! Such a cool pic M! Good for you.

  4. What a great photo, I love you just catching the sun on the tip of the carousel. Congratulations!!

  5. That’s fantastic! Beautiful photo:) Congrats Meesh!!

  6. Way to go – that is awesome Meesh! I am with you, also addicted to instagram, so much so that I am sort of forgetting to blog ;)

  7. Woohoo! I am glad you let everyone know! You deserve the recognition! You are talented my friend :)

  8. Congrats Meesh! Beautiful photo!

  9. Yay Meesh! How did I miss this?? Congratulations, and good for you for sending the pic in – what a great shot!!! Keepin’ an eye on you sista! ;-)

  10. WOW, Meesh!!!! Somehow I missed this post in my spam filled inbox!!!!
    LOVE IT!!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!! The photo is BEAUTIFUL!!!!
    In Brazil we say we need to do three things in life: write a book (there! LOL), plant a tree, and I forgot the third one??? Have an adorable pug???

  11. congratulations! truly a beautifully captured image! LOVE IT!

  12. What a beautiful shot and congratulations on getting it published!

  13. Beautiful images and blog. Visiting from Be Still 52.

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