Hi There! My name is Michelle aka Meesh. I live in Surrey, British Columbia which is a suburb of the better known Vancouver. I want to share with you my creative journey, inspiration and love for interior design, decorating, photography and anything else that I may be dreaming about at the moment. I especially adore chairs!

I hope you will visit often. Let me know what inspires you, if you know of any really awesome chairs or just pop in to say “hi”.

Talk to you soon,


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  1. Surrey? That’s my old “hood” I am in Langley. You really are local! Nice to meet you!

  2. Wow…You are so creative. I loved your bit today about Peonies. I just planted some in my front garden and my hydrangeas are blooming.
    We really need to go for a coffee :)

  3. Met you at the Apple Store in Langley, love the blog, and how it looks on the ipad’s.

  4. Very neat website! designing a platform and was looking for some ideas for chairs . . . ran across your website. :)
    david, alexandria, louisiana

  5. Meesh it was soooo nice (FUN) to meet you @ the Blend 2011 but now that I see just what you’re up too… AMAZING!! You have a keen eye! Love your niche, the DIY’s & umm excuse me? Are you a professional photographer because those pictures rock!?! Would love to get togeather one day real soon!! xoxo Dawna

  6. Lynda Pearce Watson

    Cool page Michelle! Outstanding Chairs btw!

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