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Design Inspiration by Fido and Fluffy

Maybe you’ve asked your sister to solve a design dilemma or maybe your mom, but I bet you’ve never thought to look to your furry friends for a little decorating inspiration. These cute illustrations by Molly Brandenburg made me giggle on a recent cruise of the Houzz website. I think Rubee would approve. Don’t you?





For the feline lovers out there, cats are just as design savy as dogs…




Want some more laughs?  Visit Molly Brandenburg’s page on Houzz for more hilarious design related illustrations. Be sure to check out 8 Clues You’re a Creative Type. Maybe some of you can relate. Ha!

Illustrations from: 8 Ways Dogs Help You Design  and 7 Ways Cats Help You Decorate on Houzz.

Meesh xo


Bouclair Home: New Store Alert!

Founded in 1970, Bouclair Home is one of Canada’s fastest growing home furnishings and home decor retailers. Lucky for us lower mainlanders, they have just moved into B.C. A few blogger pals and I had the pleasure of attending a media preview at the new Bouclair Home Coquitlam location this past Wednesday.

bouclair-home bouclair-home-store-view

The Bouclair philosophy focuses on home, fashion and value. Sandra Bracken, Vice-President of Marketing for Bouclair Home, gave us a mini-tour explaining that all of their products are designed in-house exclusively for Bouclair. The store’s continually evolving displays are arranged in colour stories and according to room to make decorating your home easy. New products are brought in weekly. Here is just a little peek of the treasures you’ll find.

home-fashion-smart-value bouclair-lighting




I was happy to see a large selection of ready-to-hang drapery. I’m wanting to change out my dark teal living room curtains for something lighter for summer. I’ll need 8 panels, so this is definitely an affordable option. I was also smitten over these two console tables above, particularly the mirrored one. Hello, Gorgeous! Also, coming soon to a Bouclair near you…wallpaper! Looking forward to checking out the selection.

I know you will want to head over there asap. There are three new locations in the lower mainland.

Coquitlam Location – Now Open –  1090 Lougheed Hwy, Unit 108, Coquitlam, BC

South Surrey Location – Now Open  –  3091 – 152nd St. Unit 305, Surrey, BC

Abbotsford Location – Opening May 27 – 3122 Mt. Lehman Rd. Unit M120, Abbotsford, BC

Happy Shopping!

Meesh xo



Still Alive!

Hi Friends!

Yes, I’m still here. I know, I know it’s been awhile. Let’s just say I’ve been on hiatus for a bit. Boy, have I been catching flack from a few of you, especially about Rubee Tuesday. ;)  That’s good though, it tells me that you actually like what I’m posting and that somebody is reading (and missing) this little blog.

So let’s see…Here’s a few things I’ve been up to over the past couple months. Forgive me for the forthcoming randomness.

I’ve had this old trunk style coffee table for over 10 years. It and its dingy world map finish were ready to be kicked to the curb. Instead, I gave it a makeover with FAT Paint chalk paint. Painting it turned out great and now I’ll get at least another year, maybe more, out of it. I love how much lighter it feels in this space!


Have you heard of FLOR modular carpet tiles? Back in October I won 30 carpet tiles (of my choosing) from sf girl by bay and FLOR and I’m just getting around to putting them together. (Good score, eh?!?) I have enough to make a runner in my long, narrow front entrance and a 5 x 10ish area carpet for my living room. I’m still playing around with their arrangement. I may eventually axe the front entrance runner and make the living room carpet larger. We’ll see…

The striped carpet tiles I ordered were Parallel Reality in pink, teal and burgundy.


In Hawaii over Christmas, my guy and I ate a lot of deep fried shrimp and drank a lot of mai tais! We both came home packing a few extra pounds and not in our suitcases! So, since we arrived back, we have vowed to start cooking and eating healthier.


This magazine, Eat Well Lose Weight, has helped us lose nearly 40 lbs between the two of us! Every recipe I have tried so far has been really yummy. My guy has even said, “I never knew, eating healthy could taste so good!” Haha! Can you believe that?!?


Oh Boy, those Greek Turkey Burgers are so good! This mag was the best 15 bucks I’ve ever spent!

Next up… I’ve been experimenting and attempting to improve my photography skills. Just like blowing bubbles, it takes practice, practice, practice. ;)


Well, that’s about it for now. I promise not to stay away so long…

Love Meesh xo

PS. Rubee will be here tomorrow, she wanted me to tell you!

Don’t Worry, It’s Temporary!

I heart wallpaper. I want to wallpaper the bedroom, the powder room and maybe even a wall in the dining room. But someone in my house is strongly against it. What he doesn’t get is, wallpaper has come a long way. It’s not the same impossible-to-get-off-nightmare that we spent weeks trying to remove about 10 years ago from our very first home. But still, he’s not going for it….for now. ;)

To give this naysayer a little taste and ease the idea of wallpaper back into his mind, I gave some bookcases a mini makeover with Tempaper temporary wallpaper. This peel and stick loveliness, brought a little flair to an otherwise boring set of Ikea bookcases. I quite like the look and when I get bored of it…Voila! It peels off, easy peasy!

I was amazed at how much abuse this paper took as I put it on and pulled it off repeatedly in an attempt to position it perfectly and remove pesky air bubbles. It didn’t tear, crinkle or stretch out of shape.

I managed this mini makeover on my own, but a whole wall project would definitely require more than two hands. Once the backing is peeled away this stuff wants to grab itself like packing tape.

I have quite a bit left over, so I’m looking to apply it in small doses elsewhere. Maybe on a vase, in a closet, on the back on a door?  Ya know, the more you-know-who sees it around the house the more he’ll warm up to the idea of a whole wall.

Temporary wallpaper is a dream for renters, those wanting to test the wallpaper waters, and those afraid of commitment. Will you or have you tried it? I’d love to hear your feedback.

Here are a few resources if you are interested. I used Tempaper, purchased from ModCloth.

Tempaper / Sherwin-Williams / WallCandy Arts / Casart Coverings

Happy Mon!

Meesh xo

A French Chair Affair

Before I travelled to France this summer, a friend told me that I would get my fill of chairs while there. I’d almost say that was an understatement. From simple bistro chairs on a Paris street to ornate fauteuils in the Palace at Versailles, I was in Chair Heaven.

In a dimly lit chateau, I’d wonder who sat there centuries before…

In a beautiful, elaborate palace…more is more. Marie Antoinette would agree!

On the street, waiting for me…

Like a little history with your French Chairs? Revisit these posts below.

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Luv Meesh xo